Use multiple data streams to manage your farm


Modern farming relies on digital data. Sensors can help to capture information, reduce cost, improve productivity and additional increase animal welfare. Clevabit provides a suite of sensors that monitor & enable climate control, silo level control, precision injections, animal tracking and more



No more unpleasant surprises. Set-up sensors to constantly monitor your animals and control your barns climate automatically. Or use smart measurement tools to track growth rates and medical records of each animal. All data synced. Precision farming at it’s finest.

<— Barn climate control sensors.


Our sensors:


Weight Scale
Measures effectively the weight of an animal and stores it directly in the app. Used the cost ~$3400, now less than $300.

Feed Level sensor
Measures effectively how much food is still in your silo. Never think about ordering again. Save big money.

Barn Air Quality
Measure levels of CO2, ammonium and methane all in the same unified sensor. Easy to install, easy to forget.

Injection devices
Always dose every animal perfectly. Save significantly on the overall cost of vaccines and antibiotics



Which animals risks getting sick? How fast are they gaining weight compared to last week? Become a smarter farmer instantly. Learn from past performance and save time keeping track of old records.


See immediately:


Weight gain charts
See at a glance how much weight your pigs have gained every day. Grow your pigs faster.

Animal-specific data
See exactly which pigs are at-risk or need closer monitoring. Know what’s going on with each animal, without all the bookkeeping.

Easy compliance
Good record keeping makes it easy to comply with complicated regulations. You can find it all.

Action-based notifications
Food level critical? Methane levels too high? Get immediate notifications to remove growth blockers.

Sync with the veterinarian
Give your veterinarian immediate access to all data, so they can work faster. Faster work => lower bill.


What is your wish for modern farming?